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Water Rescue

Defra Mod 2 - Swiftwater and Flood First Responder

Defra Mod 2 - Swiftwater and Flood First Responder

Primarily intended for those working in and around floods, our First Responder course is very popular with industrial clients as it so widely known and accepted by key stakeholders. Defra Mod 2 is often stated as the minimum requirement for operatives working around the water in tender documents.

When we run these programmes for industrial clients the programme is re-shaped with an emphasises on safety and prevention rather than rescue. We often also include lifejacket training which is a standard requirement for our industrial clients.

First Responders undertake bank based and shallow water operations  To enable this a responder require the ability to self rescue,  basic boat handling and rope work are also covered on the programme where relevant to your needs.

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Water Rescue Courses

We specialise in swiftwater rescue programmes providing our clients with
the skills and knowledge to deal with rescue situations in demanding