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Water Rescue

Safe Working Near Water (1 day)

Safe Working Near Water (1 day)

The Safe Working Near Water course is designed for people working near water who will be issued with lifejackets but will not be expected to intentionally enter the water, eg EA, SEPA, NRW personnel, construction industry workers, road and bridge maintenance workers.

Course content

  • Workplace legislation
  • Safe systems of work
  • Risk assessments
  • Pre-planning for emergencies
  • Water hazards
  • Cold water considerations
  • Mud, ice and coastal considerations
  • Biosecurity and environmental considerations
  • Medical and decontamination considerations
  • Lifejackets and PPE selection
  • Lifejacket maintenance, periodic inspection and transportation
  • Lifejacket firing mechanisms
  • Lifejacket accidental inflation risks
  • Pre- and post-use lifejacket checks
  • Lifejacket inflation and deflation – auto/manual
  • Swimming and self-rescue in lifejackets
  • Throwbags and other conditional rescues
  • Exiting the water
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Water Rescue Courses

We specialise in swiftwater rescue programmes providing our clients with
the skills and knowledge to deal with rescue situations in demanding